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[Technical Issues] What should I do if I encounter a problem/error/blank page on Shopee Website?

If you encounter technical issues on Shopee Website, such as problem loading pages or processing payment, try the following basic troubleshooting techniques: 

1. Log out and log in again

On the Shopee Website, hover over your username > Select Logout.

2. Check your connectivity 

If you are connected via mobile data, ensure you have a stable internet connection.

If you are connected via Wi-Fi, restart your modem or router to refresh the internet connection.

3. Clear your browser’s cache

Go to your browser’s settings page and clear the cache. Clearing cache may improve loading time and fix browser errors.

4. Check your browser’s version

Some of the newer features on Shopee Website may not be supported by older browser versions. You may notice that certain pages will not load or even encounter bugs. If your browser is not updated to its latest version, do update it and try to access Shopee Website again.

5. Use a different browser or incognito mode

This can help you determine if the technical issue is specific to one browser.


If the issue still persists, contact Shopee Customer Service for further assistance. Do take a screenshot or screen recording to show the technical issue you’ve encountered.

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