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[Return/Refund] What should I do if I received my order but it is damaged beyond return?

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Once return has been approved for your request, you will be required to ship the order to our Shopee Warehouse or back to the seller directly.

However, we understand that it would be difficult to return your order if the received parcel is badly damaged (e.g. shattered glass, soaking wet packages, badly cracked furniture, etc.).

For such situations, kindly follow the steps below:

  1. Take pictures/videos of the parcel received

Do make sure the internal/external packaging used for the order is photographed. This would be helpful in claiming compensation from the courier company. Some examples of the supporting pictures are as below:

  1. Submit form 

You may submit our Customer Service form with Return & Refunds as the enquiry type and fill in the details required. Under Description, provide us with your Return ID and a short summary of your return request (e.g. shattered glass), and upload the supporting documents mentioned above. Our agents will assist you with your return request.

  1. Keep the damaged parcel 

You may keep the products until there is further update our agents on the next steps and once your request is closed.

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