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[Others] How to join the Company-Led Training program at Sea and Shopee

To join the Company-Led Training program at Sea and Shopee, you can refer to the below Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for better understanding. 

IMDA-Sea Company-Led Training:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Company-Led Training (CLT) programme?

Open to both fresh graduates and mid-career professionals, the CLT programme creates highly-skilled, technical roles at Sea and Shopee for Singaporeans. It serves as an additional training programme for our full-time employees to upskill and enhance their experience at Sea and Shopee. Watch this video to find out more.

2. When will application for the Company-Led Training (CLT) programme open?

Shopee has been IMDA's TeSA CLT partner since 2019, and is ready to hire and train more fresh and mid-career professionals. Applications are open all year round.

3. I wish to apply for the Company-Led Training programme at Shopee. What are the roles that I can apply for?

You can visit https://careers.shopee.sg/ and apply for roles relating to Product Management, Software Engineering, User Experience Design and Business/Data Analytics. All available roles are displayed on our careers page.

4. What are the requirements for joining the Company-Led Training programme at Shopee? Can I participate in the programme as a fresh graduate or someone with no tech background?

Singaporeans who possess the relevant qualifications are welcome to apply. Applicants will also be subjected to interviews and will be selected based on their qualifications and job fit. Fresh graduates and mid-career professionals without prior tech experience are welcome to apply. 

5. What are the benefits from participating in this programme?

All CLT programme associates will be assigned a mentor/project advisor within the same department, who will support their journey and to help them improve their knowledge and skills. Through the course of training provided by Shopee, CLT programme associates will acquire foundational and specialist skills, occupational knowledge as well as receive hands-on experience in project management. Find out about the benefits of joining our CLT programme here.

6. What is the duration of the Company-Led Training programme at Shopee?

CLT programme associates will undergo six months of on-the-job and instructor-led, online structured training at Shopee, in areas relating to Product Management, Software Engineering, Data Analytics and User Experience Design. 

7. What is the compensation like under the Company-Led Training programme? 

CLT programme associates are hired as full-time employees and they will undergo training to acquire in-demand tech skills. Salaries for respective roles will commensurate based on job scope, responsibilities and experience as required by the hiring company.

8. What is the application process for joining the Company-Led Training programme at Shopee? How long does the application process take? 

The process of application is the same as all our opportunities at Shopee. First, visit https://careers.shopee.sg/ and check out the available roles relating to Product Management, Software Engineering, Data Analytics and User Experience Design. Once you have identified the role that you are interested in, click on “Apply now” to submit more information about yourself. 

You may apply for multiple roles, but our recruiters will offer you a role based on your best fit! Do note that you can only interview for one role at a time. Our recruiters will contact you when there is a match. Kindly allow some time for recruiters to get back to you.

Ready to join Shopee’s CLT programme now? Click here to apply!

  1. Watch this video to hear from June, our CLT Project Management Associate, on how she adapted to the demands and challenges faced when working in the fast-paced tech industry.
  2. Read this article to learn about our colleagues' training experiences and motivations in joining the CLT programme.
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