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[PayNow] How to pay using PayNow?

To pay under the checkout page, select Payment Option > Select the PayNow option > Tap Confirm > Follow the instructions on scanning QR code.

⚠️ Note

You would have to save or take a screenshot of the QR code and upload the QR code via PayNow on your preferred Banking App.


Once the payment is successful, a payment confirmation will pop up stating Payment Successful.

If your order is not reflected and your card / bank account balance has already been deducted, you may try any of the following:

  1. Basic troubleshooting steps like refreshing your Shopee app, or close the app and open it again.
  2. Contact Shopee Customer Service with the following details:
  3. Screenshot of the PayNow transaction
  4. Screenshot of the transaction details from your card showing the last 4 digits, or bank statement, or PayNow transaction history


⚠️ Note

  1. You can check the status of your orders via My Purchases in the Me tab on Shopee App. 
  2. If the order is refunded, the refund will be reflected instantly in your ShopeePay account.
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