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Campaign Missions Programme Terms and Conditions

1. Campaign Missions Programme is a programme under Seller Missions organised by Shopee for Sellers where Sellers can complete several missions and receive prizes in accordance with the terms and conditions of the programme ("Campaign Missions Programme"). The following are the terms and conditions that are applicable to the Campaign Missions Programme as determined by Shopee from time to time based on Shopee Policies, in accordance with the Terms of Service.

    “Campaign Missions” is defined as one or more missions available for Seller to complete during the Shopee campaign period. Campaign Missions will be found on the Seller Missions page.

    “Rewards” is one or more benefits that can be obtained by Seller who completes the Campaign Missions found on the Seller Missions page.

2. The following are the mechanisms of the Campaign Missions Programme:

a. Sellers can access Campaign Missions under the Seller Missions menu through the Shopee App. On the Missions tab of the menu, the Seller can see the Campaign Missions and the countdown timer that the Seller has to complete the missions. Each Seller can have different missions depending on the status of the Seller.

b. Seller can view and complete Campaign Missions within the time period specified by Shopee (“Action Period”), shown by the countdown timer. Seller can no longer complete Campaign Missions when the Action Period is over.

c. It is possible for the Seller to complete two or more Campaign Missions at the same time, should the missions' requirements overlap and actions taken by the Seller have met the requirements for each mission.

d. The number and value of Rewards that the Seller can claim may vary according to the Campaign Missions that have been completed by the Seller.

e. If the Seller is successful in completing the Campaign Missions in accordance with the terms and conditions, the Seller will be able to claim the Reward after the campaign period has ended, as stated on the Reward card under Rewards tab.

f. Seller will not be eligible for the Reward if the promotion requested by the Campaign Mission is not activated during the validity period set in each Campaign Mission.

g. Any completion of Campaign Missions and use of Rewards earned by Seller is subject to Shopee’s Policies.

3. In the event that Shopee finds indications of fraud or abuse by participants of this Programme that are detrimental to Shopee, Shopee has the right to suspend and/or terminate the Campaign Missions Programme.

4. Shopee reserves the right to change, add, suspend, modify or terminate these terms and conditions at any time without prior notification to the Seller.

Last updated: 20 October 2021

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