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(Posted on behalf of the Consumer Product Safety Office)

Dear Sellers,

The Consumer Product Safety Office is the Safety Authority that administers the Consumer Protection (Safety Requirements) Regulations (CPSR). The CPSR regulations requires 33 categories of household products, also known as Controlled Goods, to be registered with the Consumer Product Safety Office. As part of the registration process these products must be tested to the international and/or local safety standards specified by the Safety Authority, and affixed with the SAFETY Mark.

About the SAFETY Mark

The SAFETY Mark helps consumers and suppliers identify registered Controlled Goods

How this affects you as an online seller

Online retailers selling to the Singapore market are subject to the CPSR and should ensure that any Controlled Goods they are selling carries the SAFETY Mark. Online retailers should also prominently display the SAFETY Mark for a Controlled Good when listing it for sale to help consumers determine if the Controlled Good complies with the safety requirements.

Displaying your product listings 

Follow these two simple steps when listing products online for sale

These 33 categories of Controlled Goods must carry the SAFETY Mark to be sold in Singapore

If suppliers are uncertain whether their product is a CG, an explanation of the 33 categories of Controlled Goods can be found here

OECD Guidelines on Consumer Product Safety

Penalties for supply of unregistered Controlled Good

Under the CPSR, it is an offence to trade, advertise or supply Controlled Goods in Singapore unless it has been successfully registered with the CPSO and carries the SAFETY Mark. Any person found guilty of selling unregistered Controlled Goods, is liable upon conviction, to a fine not exceeding S$10,000 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years or both.

For more information on the CPSR, please visit https://www.consumerproductsafety.gov.sg/ or contact the CPSO by email at consumerproductsafety@enterprisesg.gov.sg or by phone at 6898 1800.

Safety Mark Brochure (English).pdf

Safety Mark Brochure (Mandarin).pdf

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