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[New to Shopee] How do I get an e-receipt after making a transaction on Shopee?

To get an e-receipt for your transaction, you need to have an email address added to your Shopee account and email notifications enabled. 


Upon completing any non-ShopeePay transaction on Shopee, you should receive the e-receipt titled Your Shopee e-receipt immediately in your inbox.


The e-receipt contains the following information for your reference:

  1. Date and time of transaction - Shows when the transaction was conducted.
  2. Reference ID - A unique string of numbers you can quote if you need assistance with the transaction.
  3. Service type - Shows the type of purchase.
  4. Transaction type - Shows the type of transaction conducted.
  5. Currency used - Shows the currency used in the transaction.
  6. Amount of transaction - Shows the amount paid or refunded in the transaction.



For users who do not have an email address added to their Shopee account, you can Chat with Agent via the Shopee App or contact Shopee Customer Service by calling with the phone number registered in your account. You can request for e-statements with transaction(s) from a specific order date or within a certain period, up to 6 months.


You can also view a full list of your transactions on the My Purchases page or the Digital Purchases page.


For ShopeePay transactions, view your Transaction History for a full list from the past 3 months.



  1. Only transactions conducted after 1 March 2022 will have e-receipts and/or requested e-statements.
  2. To opt out from receiving the automated e-receipts, you can disable email notifications
  3. If an order is still on To Pay status, you will not receive an e-receipt. 
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