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[New to Shopee] How do I get an e-receipt after making a transaction on Shopee?

To get an e-receipt for your transaction, you need to have a verified email address added to your Shopee account and email notifications enabled. 


Upon completing any non-ShopeePay transaction on Shopee, you should receive the e-receipt titled Your Shopee e-receipt immediately in your inbox.


The e-receipt contains the following information for your reference:

  1. Date and time of transaction - Shows when the transaction was conducted.
  2. Reference ID - A unique string of numbers you can quote if you need assistance with the transaction.
  3. Service type - Shows the type of purchase.
  4. Transaction type - Shows the type of transaction conducted.
  5. Currency used - Shows the currency used in the transaction.
  6. Amount of transaction - Shows the amount paid or refunded in the transaction.



You can also view a full list of your transaction history on the My Purchases page or the Digital Purchases page.


For ShopeePay transactions, view your Transaction History for a full list from the past 3 months.



  1. Only transactions conducted after 1 March 2022 will have e-receipts and/or requested e-statements.
  2. To opt out from receiving the automated e-receipts, you can disable email notifications
  3. If an order is still on To Pay status, you will not receive an e-receipt.
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