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[ShopeePay] What are the transaction limits for ShopeePay?

You can transact a maximum of $1,000, or $5,000, depending on your ShopeePay verification status.


  1. ShopeePay lets you top up a balance of up to SGD 1,000 for unverified accounts, and up to SGD 5,000 for verified accounts.
  2. You can use ShopeePay to pay for transactions of up to SGD 5,000, as long as you have sufficient funds within your account to spend.
  3. There is no minimum amount required for each ShopeePay transaction.
  4. Refer to the transaction limits table for a detailed breakdown:

Type of transaction

ShopeePay Wallet (Unverified)

ShopeePay PLUS Wallet (Fully Verified)

Single transaction (spend) limit



Annual transaction (spend) limit 

(Based on the calendar year, resets on 1st January)



Top-up limit



These transactions count towards the single/annual transaction (spend) limits:

  1. Payment made using your ShopeePay Wallet
  2. All fund transfers from your ShopeePay Wallet to another ShopeePay Wallet



If you exceed your annual ShopeePay transaction limits, you will not be able to make payments with your ShopeePay Wallet or transfer to another ShopeePay Wallet. Your access to these functions will resume on 1st January in the following year.

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