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[Notifications] Why was I notified about suspicious interactions with sellers?

If you have received an in-app notification stating that we have detected suspicious or unusual interactions between you and seller(s), it may indicate possible fraudulent activity. If you have intentionally engaged in fraudulent activities with sellers, you must stop immediately to prevent your account from being suspended.

At Shopee, we strive to provide a fair and enjoyable shopping experience for all our users. Colluding with sellers to deceive Shopee and gain an unfair advantage over other users is considered fraud and is strictly prohibited by our policies. Any user found engaging in fraudulent activities may face account suspension.

To ensure that you do not engage in fraudulent activities, you should never interact with sellers within or outside of Shopee’s official platforms to gain unfair benefits. Examples of fraudulent activities include:-

  1. boosting a shop’s rating unnaturally
  2. abusing shop and shipping promotions 
  3. engaging in transactions outside of Shopee’s official platforms, including offline transactions.
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