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[Promotions] Why are some promotions not applicable for products from certain categories?

Due to local laws and government regulations, products from certain categories are blocked from promotions (e.g. flash deal, add-on deal, bundle deal, shop and platform vouchers, etc). This means that promotions cannot be applied to such products, and they will not be included in the calculation for discounts, minimum spend or coins cashback in your purchase.

Here’s the list of categories which promotions will not be applicable for:

  1. Toys, Kids & Babies > Infant Milk Formula > Infant Milk (0 - 6 Months)
  2. Toys, Kids & Babies > Infant Milk Formula > Follow On Milk (6 Months -12 Months)

⚠️ Note

This list may be subjected to changes depending on local laws and regulations.

This will affect you in the following ways:

1. Shop vouchers will not be available or applicable

For products under these blocked categories, shop vouchers will not be visible on their product detail pages. However, shop vouchers will still be available for claim/use on product detail pages of other products from the same shop that are not under the blocked categories. 

For example, a shop voucher will be visible for a product under Toys from Shop A, but not for a product from the same shop under Infant Milk Formula. If you apply the shop voucher during checkout, the discount applied will exclude products from the blocked category, Infant Milk Formula. 

2. Product may be removed from promotion during checkout

A product that you’ve added into cart as part of a promotion (e.g. bundle deal/add-on deal) may be affected if the category it belongs to becomes a newly blocked category.

When this happens, this product will be removed from the promotion and this will be reflected in your shopping cart.


3. Exclusion from minimum spend and reward calculation 

For shopping cart and checkout, the minimum spend and reward calculation for platform vouchers (excluding free shipping vouchers) and shop vouchers will exclude products from blocked categories. 

In the event that the entire order selected only contains products from blocked categories, do note that all platform vouchers (excluding free shipping vouchers) and shop vouchers cannot be applied.

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