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[Account Safety] Why do I need to set up multiple verification methods?

Setting up multiple verification methods helps to prevent unauthorised actions if we detect any unusual behaviour on your account. Among the available verification methods, the strongest method will be chosen unique to each user.

For example, if we detect a change in login behaviour, you may be asked to fill in a code sent to your email or phone.

With this process, we can better verify your identity and protect your confidential data.

Here are the methods of verification for your Shopee account:

  1. Phone number
  2. Email address
  3. Account password
  4. ShopeePay PIN

You can set up or update methods of verification 1 - 3 via Me tab > Account Settings > My Profile on the Shopee App.

In addition, verification can also be set up from the ShopeePay page. Usually used for ShopeePay transactions, they can also be used for verifying your identity during Shopee account logins or other actions related to your account’s security.

PIN number

To set up ShopeePay and your PIN number, you’ll need to set up your phone number first with these steps: Me tab > ShopeePay > Set Up ShopeePay.

If you have already set up ShopeePay, change your ShopeePay PIN number regularly to secure your account via Me tab > ShopeePay > settings icon > Change ShopeePay PIN.

Verify your IC details

By adding your identification card (IC) details, you’ll be able to access more ShopeePay functions such as facial recognition for verification. Access this via Me tab > ShopeePay > settings icon > IC Verification. You’ll need to upload an image of your IC and an image of your face.

⚠️ Note

You should never share verification codes or links with anyone, including Shopee’s staff. We’ll never ask you to do so.

Fill in codes or use links only when you are prompted to do so on the Shopee App or the Shopee website.

If you receive the above message during login verification, tap “Customer Service” to contact our agents for further assistance.

⚠️ Note

Recently, scammers pretend to be from Shopee or organisations you know, claiming that you have won something. If you’re unsure about the information received, end the conversation and contact Shopee to confirm.

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