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[My Account] Why can't I log in to my Shopee account?

Unsuccessful login attempts to your Shopee account may occur due to the following reasons:


1. Incorrect password

Check that you have entered your password correctly. If you have forgotten your password, find out how you can reset your password


2. Expired verification challenge

When you receive the verification challenge, ensure that the challenge is completed within the stipulated time limit. Otherwise, you will have to request for a new challenge to be sent once the time limit is up.


⚠️ Note

If you fail to receive your verification code, find out why you might have issues receiving OTPs via SMS and how to resolve them.


3. Limited account

Your account may be limited due to: 

  1. Security reasons, such as suspicious login activity or suspected hacking attempts.
  2. Other reasons, such as violation of Shopee’s policies.


In such cases, you may find out why your account is being limited and appeal to reactivate your account.


⚠️ Note

Users who violate Shopee policies may be permanently suspended. Refer to our Terms of Service and Community Rules for more information. 


4. Technical issues

Login errors may sometimes occur due to technical issues. Ensure that your Shopee App is updated to the latest version and that you’re using a stable internet connection. 


5. Incorrect password for third-party accounts

If you are trying to log in with your Google, Facebook, or Apple account, ensure that the account and password for the third-party account are correct.

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