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[Bundle Deal] What is a Bundle Deal?

Bundle Deals are a type of promotion that allows you to buy a collection of products together at a lower price.. 

For example, a Bundle Deal may come with the label Any 3 enjoy 15% off, where a seller has set up multiple products in a Bundle Deal. If you buy any 3 products from the selection, you can enjoy a 15% discount off the total price.

How Bundle Deals work

 How Bundle Deals work


To find products offering a Bundle Deal promotion, look out for these labels on products when you browse:

  1. Bundle Deal label

 Bundle Deal label


Once you're on the product page, select See All under the Bundle Deal promotion > select the cart icon for any product > and then click Add to Cart.

  1. Adding Bundle Deal products to cart

 Adding Bundle Deal products to cart


The top bar will show you how many more items you need in your cart to complete the Bundle Deal.

  1. Bundle Deal tracker

 Bundle Deal tracker

If the seller is hosting Bundle Deal promotions with multiple tiers, you will be able to see the various tiers as well.



  1. Additional items that exceed the Bundle Deal requirement will be charged at the original price.
  2. The limit on the number of Bundle Deal you can buy depends on the seller or the ongoing promotion criteria. Check your checkout page to see if the promotion is applied if you add more than 1 Bundle Deal worth of items to your cart.
  3. If there are ongoing flash deals for the products you have selected, the Bundle Deal promotion will not be applied.



If you're unable to apply for the promotion, refresh your Shopee App, clear your shopping cart, and try again. If it still fails to work, take a screenshot and reach out to the seller or contact our Live agent via chat feature on the Shopee App by going to the Me tab > Chat with Shopee.

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