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(Posted on behalf of the Ministry of Health, Health Science Authority, and Optometrists & Opticians Board of Singapore)

Dear Sellers, 

Please be informed that it is an offence under the Optometrists and Opticians Act (Cap. 213A) for a person who is not a registered Optometrist or Optician (Contact Lens Practice) to prescribe and dispense contact lenses (powered or non-powered) to customers. This includes the sale of contact lenses online. Any person who is not an Optometrist or Optician (Contact Lens Practice) and sells contact lenses can be charged in Court for an offence that carries a maximum fine of $25,000 or an imprisonment term of up to six months. 

Further, contact lenses which are used for correcting vision are classified as medical devices and their supply is subject to product registration and licensing controls under the Health Products Act (Cap. 122D). Importers and wholesalers dealing in such devices must also obtain the relevant certifications and licences from the Health Sciences Authority (HSA).

We wish to advise you that it is unsafe for a person to wear contact lenses purchased online without first being assessed by a qualified optometrist for his/her suitability to use contact lenses.  Users must also be taught the proper methods of cleaning and storing contact lenses, if they are to be reused. Contact lenses can potentially cause serious harm to the eyes if such safe practices are not followed. Examples of harm include serious eye infections and ulcers on corneas which may lead to permanent eye scarring and loss of vision. 

Hence, if you are not a registered Optometrist or Optician (Contact Lens Practice) in Singapore with the Optometrists and Opticians Board, please remove any postings of sale of contact lenses immediately. Refrain from selling contact lens unlawfully as it may potentially cause harm to others. 

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